geetha thurairajah at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, AKIMBO (akimblog), May 2019

this body emits energy - Cindy Baker at Forest City Gallery, London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA), London, ON, May 2019

Jamie Macaulay at Forest City Gallery, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, January 2019

Tammi Campbell - Strike, exhibition text, Galerie Division, Toronto, ON, 2018

Kelly Jazvac at Museum London, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, August 2018

this will never finish at Support project space, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, March 2018

stories about growth, exhibition text for 'A New Garden' by Sky Glabush, MKG127 Gallery, Toronto, ON, January 2017

Two sightings: On the work of Yam Lau, Syphon 3.1, Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston, ON, 2015

Paravent, a text work in collaboration with Liza Eurich, accompanying an exhibition curated by Sky Glabush, 535 First Street, London, ON. May 2014

WE WON'T COMPETE - The Feminist Art Gallery (FAG) and The Art Gallery of Windsor, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, August 2014

Maryse Larivière at Artlab Gallery, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, January 2014

jag raina: hell/heaven, exhibition text, Whitestone Gallery, Guelph, ON, 2014

Pars mais prend bien soin de revenir (Leave but make sure to return), exhibition text, Forest City Gallery, London, ON. 2013

Stranger to Stranger, exhibition text, Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, ON. 2013

Stephen Mueller at Artcite, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, July 2013

Ibghy and Lemmens at Forest City Gallery, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, May 2013

Re-Enactments, commissioned essay for Western University's 2013 Practicum Class Exhibition I Know What I Said, 2013

Danielle St. Amour at Parker Branch, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, April 2013

Kim Neudorf on Patrick Howlett, commissioned essay for Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto, ON, 2013

Shapes and Noises: Jenine Marsh at Evans Contemporary, exhibition essay, Evans Contemporary Gallery, Peterborough, ON, 2012

Liza Eurich: The Work of It and Brad Isaacs: Hiding Place at McIntosh Gallery, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, August 2012

Emotional Blackmail and Milutin Gubash: Situational Comedy at Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, AKIMBO (akimblog), London, ON, June 2012

Bill Rodgers at Skew Gallery, Shotgun Review (Canada), Calgary, AB, November 2009

Aïda Ruilova at Walter Phillips Gallery, Shotgun Review (Canada), Calgary, AB, February 2009


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